Only Connect

Only connect! ~ E.M. Forster When E. M. Forster coined the phrase, “Only connect!,” he didn’t mean connection between things or people, even though interpersonal relationships were all-important to Forster. He actually used it to mean connection between the head and the heart, the cerebral and the … continue reading

Our Elders Didn’t Fail Us

To focus one’s energy on the failures of the movement is to miss the fact that the civil rights movement was never responsible for our problems… In the Spring of 2012, I had the honor of assisting the late Vincent Harding — a historian, veteran of the … continue reading

Inspiration for New Beginnings

Each year we offer a refreshed collection of articles, video, poetry, and practices which speaks to beginnings and possibility. In 2020, we embark not only on a new year but a new decade, and many of us are considering personal and social transformation beyond our … continue reading

7 Steps to Live Your Ideal Eulogy

Being who you really are and doing what you were put on this earth to do is what makes an amazing eulogy. We’ve all heard it before: We don’t sit on our deathbeds wishing we’d spent more time at the office. We don’t get to … continue reading

Celebrating Gratitude & Peace

Joy is not a luxury, it is not a privilege. It is a resilience-giving, life-giving birthright and we can’t call forth in the world something we don’t believe in and embody…and it is as powerful as anger. ~ Krista Tippett On September 21 we celebrate … continue reading

The Real Work

This life is almost confoundingly beautiful and good.  Earlier this summer, more than a few of my friends commented on how idyllic my life looks these days, referring, no doubt, to photos of rustic cabins and lakeside retreats in places like Montana and the Berkshires, … continue reading