Grateful News May 2015


A couple in Rwanda defeats ethnic hatred with love

Viateur and his wife, Judith, have married across the divide between Hutus and Tutsis, becoming entrepreneurs and peace builders. The couple’s true passion is helping to build peace in their country and continuing the important work of reconciliation. » Full Story

paris radio

Parisian radio show lets immigrants set their frequency—and tell stories

In a country riven by debates over immigration, Radio des Foyers tries to build a bridge with an ambitious radio project that offers an inside perspective into the lives of foyer residents and of other immigrants who live at the margins of French society. » Full Story


10 Cities That Are Shaping The Future Of Urban Living

As more than half of the world’s population now lives in urban areas, innovative environmental initiatives are increasingly important to ensure that the future of city living is a bright one. » Full Story

tesla battery

Tesla’s low-cost renewable battery could revolutionise Africa’s energy supply

Just like the mobile phone allowed the continent to surge ahead in internet connectivity, so a battery pack that can power a home or business could allow Africans to leapfrog the limits of the grid.» Full Story

piano, boy Alexander

Joey Alexander, an 11-Year-Old Jazz Sensation, Who Hardly Clears the Piano’s Sightlines

We can be grateful for one of the great mysteries of life that can bring us fully formed, amazing music “from the heart” of prodigies like Joey, who are totally open to receiving and using their gifts. » Full Story + Video