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Welcome to our featured resource page. There is a lot to “take in” on our website and occasionally you might enjoy being directed to a few gems which have moved, touched or engaged us recently. As such, we are delighted to invite your attention to the following…

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Knowing the World as a Gift
(Myth & Moor, 2015) “One of these stories sustains the living systems on which we depend. One of these stories opens the way to living in gratitude and amazement at the richness and generosity of the world. One of these stories asks us to bestow our gifts in kind, to celebrate our kinship with the world. We can choose.” Beautifully articulated perspectives, stories.

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A Doctor’s Advice for Inner Happiness
(2015) Dr. Amit Sood, professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, a fellow of the American College of Physicians, and a well-respected researcher and practitioner of integrated medicine, put together the following short on how to cultivate a (very) happy brain. It’s backed by an evidence base, and it’s powerful. So go ahead and give his lessons a try. It’s the doctor’s orders.

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A Second Wind in Life: Inhabiting the Body After Cancer – Eve Ensler
(On Being, 2015) Eve Ensler has helped women all over the world tell the stories of their lives through the stories of their bodies. Her play, “The Vagina Monologues,” has become a global force in the face of violence against women and girls. But she herself also had a violent childhood. And it turns out that she, like so many Western women, was obsessed by her body and yet not inhabiting it without even knowing she wasn’t inhabiting her body — until she got cancer.

kind kids club

Kind Kids Club (2014)
A Random Acts of Kindness Challenge winner is a first grade class in Fresno, California inspiring their entire school with kindness!

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Research Related to Gratitude
In recent years, science has explored the impact of feeling grateful on our health, sleep, relationships and more. For a deep dive into the particulars of why living gratefully matters, we offer this list of studies.

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A poem by Dale Biron
When the face we wear grows old and weathered, torn open by time, colors tinted…

Lori's story Gratitude Grows man and woman paintings

Lori’s Story – Gratitude Grows
(2015) For more than a year, artist Lori Portka painted her gratitude through individual pieces of art for 100 people who have made a difference in her life. This beautiful film captures Lori’s motivation and some of the reactions from the recipients of her gratitude at an emotional exhibition of the 100 paintings.

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