Baking for Others Is a Gift to Yourself

Every step of gift-baking is an opportunity for gratitude and generosity. For many years, I baked a loaf of sourdough bread at least once a week for my own purposes: My family’s meals. The cookbook I was writing. The baking classes I taught. After my … continue reading

Gratitude, Nature and Our COVID Response

Nature is indeed full of grace and gifts if we allow it to give its gifts. “Aloha, kia ora, talofa, la orana” are greetings  of warmth and graciousness throughout the Pacific. In the Polynesian outlier communities of Tikopia and Anuta the word “aloha” is rendered … continue reading

A Prayer for the Threshold

The long interim threshold phase within initiation is the place where the reckoning and turmoil, the revelations and transformation happen. This can feel like a thrashing.  Who among us would dispute that? Grief in a Time of Not Knowing. The podcast’s title had me at hello. It turned … continue reading

Remembering Our Way Forward

In the face of ongoing racism and oppression, polarization, and human-caused destruction of the Earth, giving and taking perspective with authentic curiosity and humility offers us the possibility to generate meaningful change in the world.  Perspective has carried me through a year that has been … continue reading

The Blue Music of Forgiveness

…time is different now, and so is my perspective on forgiveness and letting go. We never know if what was lost will be found. If it really matters, we can decide to find it in ourselves. Fat cat, red tongue, green mind, white milk. I … continue reading

The Dynamic Interplay of Resilience and Aliveness

A search for the word “resilience” on our website offers an interesting insight: Many of the results are from the monthly Grateful Changemakers series, which uplifts projects and programs that advance gratefulness. The fact that so many of these Changemakers use the word “resilience” to … continue reading

Fanning the Flames

Let us not give up without a fight the measure of fire we have left, the tenuous sense of tribe. The streets in my city feel different today. Not because they are empty and silent. Not on account of the endless queues of people standing … continue reading